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Welcome to National Advanced School Of Engineering


Top and Number one in All central Africa

Best engineering school in the whole Central African region. The polytechnic school of Yaoundé has been fighting for several years to maintain its leadership position


1000 Engineers per year

The National Polytechnic School of Yaoundé trains about 1,000 design engineers each year. The quality of the training offered discipline and rigor dictate academic excellence.


Dedicated teachers

The ENSP faculty, composed of associate professors, professors, lecturers, assistants and individual contractors, uses a learning approach based on local pedagogy.


Online registration.

Registration at the ENSP is done through an automatic and transparent online registration procedure. Each candidate receives a personalized online registration form allowing them to submit their application.


A living campus

The clean and healthy campus of the NPHS offers all students an ideal setting to facilitate their training. The laboratories, the library and the study rooms are open to all students.


Free books and syllabus

Courses and several resources are available to students. Courses, tutorials and labs are offered to all students wishing to continue working at home or revising a concept. In addition, several courses are available as MOOCs.

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International Partners

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Self employment

The Leading team

The leading team of the ENSP welcomes you and puts at your service to offer you more services for more satisfaction.

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