Competition result NASE 2016 Level 3

With the condition to present the success testimonial of DUT, DEUG, Bachelor of Arts, or Works Engineer.

The following candidates ranked in order of merit are definitively admitted into the third year of the School of Engineering of the University of Yaoundé I for the 2016 / 2017  academic year:


Competition result

The following candidates ranked in order of merit are definitively admitted into the first year of the School of Engineering of the University of Yaoundé I for the 2016/2017 academic year, awaiting the presentation of the result slip or statement of result for GCE Advanced Level:


CIMPA-CAMEROON research school- CETIC

Mathematical Modelling in Life Science

Yaoundé, September 19-30, 2016

Number of participants: 70 including 21 women

The objective of our school is to introduce participants to the formulation of mathematical and computer models in epidemiology, immunology, ecology and agronomy and the use of tools of dynamical systems and numerical analysis in the analysis of real situations epidemics within a human or animal population of pests of plants and plant population dynamics.

Administrative and scientific coordinators

  • Samuel Bowong (University of Douala)
  • Nguyen-Huu Tri (IRD, ENS Lyon)

Scientific Committee

  • David Bekolle-University of Ngaoundere
  • Pierre Auger-IRD, ENS Lyon
  • Jurgen Kurths-Potsdam Institute of Climatology
  • Yves Dumont-AMAP, CIRAD
  • Suzanne Touzeau-EPI BIOCORE, INRIA

Organizing Committee :

  • Samuel Bowong-University of Douala
  • Jean Jules Tewa-University of Yaounde 1
  • Yves Emvudu-University of Yaounde 1
  • Joseph Mbang-University of Yaounde 1
  • Elvis Houpa Danga-University of Ngaoundere
  • Léontine Nkague-University of Yaounde 1
  • Berge Tsanou-University of Dschang
  • Jean Luc Dimi-University of Marien Ngouabi

Scientific Program

The basic introductory courses will be held on the first week and the advanced courses will be left for the second week.

  • Mathematical Modelling in Epidemiology and Immunology, Gauthier Sallet University of Lorraine, France and Julien Arino, University of Manitoba, Canada.
  • Introduction to Dynamical Systems and their Applications in Population Dynamics and Community, Pierre Auger et Nguyen-Huu Tri, IRD, ENS Lyon,France
  • Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Vector-borne Diseases, A. M. Aziz Alaoui, University of Havre, France
  • Mathematical Analysis of the Spatial Spread of Infectious Diseases, Arnaud Ducrot, Institute of Mathematics of Bordeaux, France
  • Mathematical Tools and Methods for Agronomy and Ecology, Yves Dumont, AMAP-CIRAD, France and Jean Lubuma, University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Interaction between Climate Change and Outbreak of Infectious Diseases, Jurgen Kurths, Potsdam Institute of climatology, Germany.
  • Mathematical Modelling in Animal and Plant Epidemiology, Suzanne Touzeau, EPI BIOCORE, INRIA, France.

Courses will be delivered in French or English. Thirty participants from the region is expected, in addition to the ten lecturers for
courses or conferences. In addition, participants will present their works. A meeting is scheduled at the end of the second week between professionals from the health and agriculture, guest speakers and participants. This meeting will serve as a platform for professionals in these sectors (health and agriculture) to present the practical problems encountered in connection with the exercise of their profession. A discussion will follow to consider exchange possible collaboration between research teams working in the field of modeling in life science and structures operating in the sectors of health and agriculture.

Deadline for registration : July 03, 2016

Application procedure only for applicants not from Cameroon.

Applicants from Cameroon must contact local organizers : Samuel Bowong ( or Jean Jules Tewa (
Local web site:

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List Level 3 NASE 2016

The NASE informs candidates in 3rd year entrance exams in his establishment as table numbers and lists of candidates for the single Yaounde examination center are available at. List Level 3 NASE, 2016.

Report Date written examination competition level 1

The Director of the National Advanced School of Enginnering

informs all candidates that the entrance examination of level 1agenda_reporte

originally scheduled for Wednesday 06 and Thursday July 07 2016

postponed to Thursday 07 and Friday, July 8, 2016 .

The call for candidates will be Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 7am.

Practical information NASE 2016 Level 1

Deadline for submitting applications

The NASE  reminder to all candidates that the deadline for submitting applications is Friday 1 July 2016.

The complete applications files shall reach

  • the admission office of NASE  between 8am and 18pm
  • At the regional delegation of the Ministry of Secondary Education where the candidate resides

Hardware information composition

Candidates should bring pen (BIC) blue or black

A national identity card or passport or receipt.

No electronic equipment is allowed (Calculator, Mobile phone, Bluetooth headset, shows …)


It will be communicated by email and published on the school website:


A guide to show you how to complete the answer sheet (Sunday, June 26, 2016)

The list alphabetically and by examination center candidates (Saturday, July 2, 2016)

Your table number (Saturday, July 2, 2016)

The different places of written tests in the examination center (Monday, July 4, 2016)

The school principal will contact you directly by email to facilitate trade.

For other questions thank you to send an email to

Massive Open Online Course on Protected Areas Management

Second session of a Massive Open Online Course on Protected Areas Management (MOOC-GAP)

This course will help you learn about conservation challenges in Africa and how protected areas can help face them, from local to global level. Management, governance, sustainability etc., all these topics will be explored using best practices from the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and case studies coming from all over the African continent. Watch the teaser and subscribe for free to the MOOC (Courses start on April 1st)

The High Tech Centre is rebuilding

The High Tech Centre of the National Advanced School of Engineering, the first of its kind in Cameroon, combines e-learning with hands-on training in automated manufacturing.high_tech2

This facility, dedicated to the training of engineers in industrial robotic automation is part of Cameroon’s initiative to build its engineering education infrastructure. The High Tech Centre consists of 12 laboratories, over 100 robots and 160 computers dedicated to education in advanced technologies like robotics, automation and mechatronics. (more…)